Design carpentry project for a single-family house in Palma de Mallorca

In this single-family house in Palma de Mallorca, we had the pleasure of working together with NIVEL 2, who commissioned us the refurbishment of this property. Our work consisted of the following:
Entrance door
Bathroom wall and door
Living room furniture
Dining room furniture
The design of all the elements of this work were carried out by Ro2interiorismo and we, at Fusteria Campanet, were honored to make the project come true.

The entrance door, designed exclusively for this property, is made of vertical oak wood slats. A simple gesture of the slats’ direction changing (to horizontal) creates the handle on a totally different surface plane. The combination of the wood with a vertical glass and steel plane permits the entrance of natural light in the house. The door also has indirect vertical LED lighting to add warmth to the entrance.

In the open living – dining room, the furniture was designed over the fireplace and the suspended shelves to unify the space and give continuity to the dining room, generating a personalized, unique and exclusive design. To guarantee the space unification, the same slats were used in horizontal position like the main door. The furniture, composed by shelves and drawers, grants movement and dynamism to the environment by taking advantage of the different depths of the existing work.
The hidden handles as well as the low, horizontal and indirect LED lighting grants the warmth to the space.

The kitchen, a meeting and communication point as well as the center of the house, is completely open and the island is attached to the living room. Here, the planning of the carpentry converges with quality, functionality, innovation and technical perfection. A modern vision was sought, complying with functional and aesthetic requirements.

In the kitchen, MDF was used for the cabinet doors, combined with the porcelain of the countertop and front. MDF is used due to its strong and durable material (finished with an onyx gray varnish, with hidden handles). The kitchen island is completely lined with porcelain, thus achieving a unique element with character for the home. The refrigerator cabinet is the aesthetic union element with the rest of this design project, since the same slats (vertically) of oak wood are used for the refrigerator door that we use for the elements described above. The indirect lower LED lighting grant the warmth to all spaces.

At Fustería Campanet, we take care of every detail to deliver a unique and special project to our customers.