Villa Twelve is an independent House located in Santa Ponsa, Calvià.

Sophisticated Projects and Estates, one of our most prestigious clients and this unique architectural master piece construction promoter, gave us the opportunity to join the professional team executing this real estate project.

Villa Twelve, designed by the distinguished architect, Jaime Salvà, has a contemporary style and a simple sophistication contemplated perfectly by the interior design carried out by Marga Comas.

Upon entering the villa, you can see the pèrgola, one of our works, which is designed with white pine wood and a reed lining. Natural and ecological materials are perfectly integrated into the design, projecting a shadow area that marks the journey to the front door of the house.

The interior doors represent an important part of the design and can be even considered as a start element of the projected space. In Villa Twelve, we elaborated all the interior carpentry, smooth doors were designed from floor to ceiling and finished in a gray colour, the frames with integrated flashing and the upper part of the doors appears as a fixed front. The lower part is hinged to give an end result of sophisticated, slim and elegant doors.

In the bedroom-suite, a set of vertical oak wood slats are designed to constitute one of the key elements of the room through its diverse functionality.On the one hand, they form the head of the bed, and on the other, they limit the bedroom area from the dressing area, providing light and greater sense of spaciousness to the areas.

The bathroom furniture has been also tailor-made for a perfect fit into the space. Made up of natural stone countertop, combining a lower shelf made of the same material as the vertical slats, the furniture creates a light and harmonious set. We also designed a top unit with multiple functionalities: mirror, wardrobe and complementary built-in sockets. When it comes to the lighting, an upper and lower indirect light is integrated, providing warmth and making the space more welcoming.

Another of the works carried out in the Villa Twelve was a personalized desk for the home office. We chose a walnut wood that provides warmth and character , even more, when being integrated into an area of gray-toned cabinets.

At Fusteria Campanet we are very demanding and perfectionists with all our orders, taking care of every detail.