One of the most important aspects of this project are the roofs of the exterior porches. Once completed, they completely transformed the house image and the feeling of well-being both out- and inside. The transformation focused on designing a longitudinal lining of wooden slats, covering the entire roof of the exterior porch. By combining this wooden ceiling with the exterior walls of natural stone, an unmatched warmth of the space was achieved.

On one side of this porch with a slatted roof is the BBQ cabinet. A symmetrical furniture is designed in aged Zimbabwe granite, with clean lines where the BBQ piece occupies the central position. When you see the images of the results, you will understand how pleasant it is to celebrate beautiful evenings, meals and gatherings with friends and family in this space.

One of the most special elements that was designed in this project was the lining for the TV. Thanks to this module’s location, the spaces of the living and dining room are differentiated. This module is in the room’s center, clearly distinguishing them into two areas. It has a sophisticated and elegant design without losing the warmth that the material is transmitting. It is designed with vertical black stained oak wood slats. The TV is integrated on the side of the living room and on the side of the dining room we integrated the hidden air conditioning machine.

In the Bedroom Suite, we designed the headboard and bedside tables. For the design of this accessory, it was decided to continue with the same idea of ​​the design of the TV cabinet, that is, with the vertical slat panels stained in black. The atmosphere that is achieved in the Bedroom Suite thanks to this set of headboard and bedside tables is very elegant and sophisticated, without giving up the warmth of the oak wood.

The interior carpentry of the house, specifically for the wooden interior doors, was designed in anthracite gray with a highly personalized textured finishing and with matching dark gray handles, achieving uniformity, simplicity and modernity for the whole.

Finally, it is important to mention the exterior pergolas, two overhangs to protect us from the sun’s rays in the most annoying hours of the day. For this purpose, two pergolas are designed from wooden slats a few centimeters apart, thus allowing light to enter. One is designed in black and the other natural.