In this single-family home renovation in Sant Elm, carried out by the Mora Arquitectura studio, we were in charge of developing the interior and exterior carpentry project.

We will start at the front door of the house. It is a pivoting door lined with horizontal slats of IPE and protected with an oil finish, as this house is located on the seafront of the Mediterranean Sea and is therefore affected by a high degree of salinity of seawater.

In the interior of the house, the interior doors of the house, among other elements, are of design. We opted for a floor-to-ceiling design consisting of a practicable door with a fixed top of variable height depending on the ceiling height, in eucalyptus wood and with a vertical vein providing warmth to the spaces.

Another chapter, that was developed in this project, was that of the bedroom wardrobes. They were designed with taupe lacquered wooden doors, from floor to ceiling. For the design of these cabinets’ handles, the verticality and simplicity were chosen, as vertical nails were designed, covering the entire length of the door. Thus, the image of these cabinets is smooth, modern and monochromatic.

In the Bedroom Suite a paneling has been designed, behind which the dressing room and the dressing table of the room are distributed. Both, the dressing room and the dressing table, follow the same line as the wardrobes in the other rooms, lacquered in taupe color and with a smooth, modern and minimalist design.

In this detached house we were also responsible for making the bathroom furniture, proposed by Mora Arquitectura, a reality. Very special, personalized and made-to-measure fronts were designed. Fronts longer than the one occupied by the furniture drawer, in which a rectangular hole was made in the lower part of the front with a very particular functionality, that of towel rail.

If we go to the outside areas of the house, we find different interesting items. One of the most important parts of this project was the cladding of the entire facade of the ground floor. This coating was made with horizontal slats of IPE wood, providing character and personality, thus achieving a new, more up-to-date image for the home. The front door of the house, as we mentioned at the beginning, was also lined with IPE slats, as was the enclosure door of the plot. In this way, the whole house is consolidated in the same line, with the same harmony.

Finally, an IPE platform is designed on the roof of the house on its entire surface, so even the terrace is integrated into the whole set creating new uses such as the pool and its solarium, which brings new housing to the house. services and amenities that were not available before, providing luxury and exceptionality to the home.

A fully customized project in each of its elements.