This time we get fully involved in the refurbishment of a house in Santa Ponsa, Calvià, thanks to our client Sophisticated Projects & Estates

The interior design work was commissioned to the interior designer Marga Comas.

From the entrance of the house, we can see an enlisted oak wood slatted. This set is a continuous and homogeneous front of oak wood slats, which brings a lot of warmth to the designed space, what is surprising is that on this front we find the courtesy toilet doors and the entrance closet doors hidden and completely integrated, providing exclusivity and design the entrance of the house.

The interior carpentry of the house was carried out following the same line, both in the cabinets and in the doors of the different rooms. The material used was oak wood. This wood was chosen to achieve a design of smooth, modern and natural-colored doors. The wardrobes of the different bedrooms follow the same contemporary design and a Mediterranean air, light oak wood wardrobes, in which a vertical black tailor-made handle by Ferretería Can Mateu is integrated, which provides a touch of contrast to the cabinets. Wardrobes with smooth fronts, without frames, are designed, with which continuous, uniform and modern fronts are achieved The wardrobes also have interior lighting, which facilitates the interior vision when choosing our outfits.

In this project, the bathroom furniture is designed and personalized for each. They are characterized by being smooth furniture in all cases. For the bathroom of the Bedroom Suite, a very simple piece of furniture is designed, but with a lot of character, a large stone appears as a countertop that includes two sinks. These are the results of two recesses in the same stone, complemented by two pieces of furniture on one side, one upper and one lower, gray in color, smooth and without frames. In another of the bathrooms a suspended furniture is designed, with smooth lines and made of Oak wood. All of them following that Mediterranean and contemporary air.

Inside the garage there is an entire smooth oak laminate front with an integrated door that connects directly to the interior of the house. The upper part of the front is illuminated with indirect light, which creates a warmth in the garage that is unusual for this type of room, although looking at the result, it seems like a very wise decision and with an excellent result

When we go outside the house through the rear terrace there is an area that we fell in love with from the first moment, an area for rest and fun, the outdoor dining area and its barbecue. The pergola was the element that was designed to unify all these functions in the same area. It is made up of pillars and beams in solid laminated fir wood. The pergola is covered on the top with a natural reed lining to provide shade and warmth while we have breakfast, enjoy a lunch or dinner in the dining area or simply relax in the living area.

All the materials used were natural, always with our maximum involvement in sustainability and improvement of the environment.