The ro2interiorismo team counted on us for the execution of this peronalized and high quality kitchen to the smallest detail.

It is an open kitchen with a design of a bar and an island. The bar plays a delimiting role with the líving room, allowing a unification of spaces.
At the same time, a feeling of great amplitude of the spaces is achieved, since the kitchen and the líving room share the visual area.

In this kitchen, we combine natural oak wood and antchriate gray. Natural oak wood is used for the countertop of the bar, island and several shelves, which brings a lot of warmth to the design. On the other hand, the main color of the kitchen is anthracite gray used in the doors and cabinets, achieving a more elegant and sophisticated general design.

These are manufactured in DMF, a material that stands out for its resistance and durability, thus, an optimal material for a kitchen.
The drawers and cabinets have hidden handles and brake hardware, which makes it easy to open and close all elements. The opening mechanisms of the upper cabinets are “aventos HF”, folding and folding compasses. These cabinet doors are particularly comfortable because they guarantee the freedom of movement of of the furniture and the space at the height of the head at all times. They can also be stopped in any opening position which permits closing them easily.

The appliances in this kitchen appear behind their integrated doors, which supports to maintain that perfection in design and a perfect harmony with the designed space. It should be noted that indirect LED lighting is incorporated into the entire kitchen, which brings more warmth to the final set.

At Fusteria Campanet precision and detail are part of our day to day.